Why Arsene Wenger has not been Sacked

The job of a coach is one of the most unsecured jobs, one can think of.  A coach can be fired at any time.

There is a common saying that a coach is only as good as his last game, meaning once a coach loses a match he is labeled a “Bad Coach” and can be fired.All over the world coaches have been fired after failing to win important matches, or Tournaments, even popular world class coaches who have won a lot of Trophies in the past have not been spared, but one man has proven to be an exception, his name is Arsene Wenger.

All over the world coaches have been fired, after failing to win important matches, or Tournaments, even popular world class coaches, who have won a lot of Trophies in the past have not been spared. One man has proven to be an exception, his name is Arsene Wenger.

He has been in charge of Arsenal football club for about 20 years now and has won very few Trophies. It is important to note that between 2006 and 2013, he did not win any Trophy for the club, yet the club did not fire him.

Why has the Club refused to Sack him? 

Let’s take a quick look at his history at the club:

Arsene Wenger was appointed as Manager of Arsenal football club in September 1996, by David Dein who was Vice Chairman of Arsenal and also a close friend of Wenger. It was Gerrad Houlier the Technical Director of the French football Federation at that time, who recommended Wenger for the position.

Wenger Achieved outstanding success at the beginning: prior to his appointment Arsenal was a relatively small club even though they were very popular, they only had a small 35,000 seat capacity stadium named Highbury in London. The club had never gone past the semifinal of the UEFA Champions league, so the club was overshadowed by Manchester United who had a Big stadium and had been dominating the English Premier League since the Early 1990s.

Arsenal came third in Wenger’s first season and in the following season, they won the two major Trophies in England. ie the Premier League, and The FA cup, thereby Wenger became the first Non-British to win “The Double”. He repeated the feat again in 2002 and this time, he did it in style, by wrapping up the league at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, Arsenal’s fiercest rival.

Then in 2004 Wenger did the “Impossible”. Arsenal went through the whole season without losing a single match, they also became the first Team to win a Golden Premier League Title, a feat that is yet to be equaled.

In 2006, Wenger led Arsenal to their first ever UEFA Champions League final though they lost narrowly to Barcelona FC.

After that season Arsenal under Wenger experienced a Trophy drought, they went eight years without winning a single Trophy, consolation only came in 2014, when they won the FA cup and they also retained the cup in 2015, but it appears the club is not going to win any Trophy this year, and the club is still keeping faith in Wenger, and I can bet they won’t sack him because of the following reasons:

  • Arsenal is not a “one-man business”, it is a club run as a Limited Liability Company, owned by a couple of shareholders, and no individual has the power to fire the Manager without consulting the Board of Directors and getting their support.
  • Wenger is a shrewd Manager, he has over the years shown that he can achieve success with limited resources, he is not wasteful and has always advocated that clubs should operate within their own resources, he is very prudent.
  • Wenger makes huge profits for the club, he is arguably the best football club manager when it comes to finance. He spends little and rakes in huge revenue, this point can be summarized in two examples, 1, Wenger bought Emanuel Adebayor for £3milion sold him for £25 million 3 years later. 2, Wenger bought Nicolas Anelka for £500,000 and two years later sold him for £23.5 million making a profit of £23 million.
  • Wenger is a visionary leader, a lot of people do not know that Wenger is one of the brains behind arsenal’s move to their new 60,000 seat capacity stadium. He has a vision for the club, to make it bigger and he is achieving this already, the share price and value of the club have skyrocketed, due to his good management skills.
  • Wenger is not just a visionary leader but he also carries his Boss along and let all those that matter, key into his vision By letting them know what he is up to.
  • Wenger has created a niche for himself, ie  he has developed a style of football that was never seen in England before, a style that is attractive and entertaining. Millions of football fans love it.
  • Most Arsenal fans enjoy good football, they are not people who just join the band wagon of people who just want to be associated with the “Winning Team”
  • He is good at his job, he has proven to be a “Genius” at identifying young talents and nurturing them to become world stars, the list of players nurtured by him is endless from George Weah, (The only African who has won FIFA World footballer of the year) to Anelka,  to Henry, we can go on and on.
  • He has good interpersonal skills, he has the ability to get along with people easily, even though the Press criticizes him a lot, he still keep his cool and respects them while being professional he also builds a long-lasting relationship with his players even long after they leave Arsenal.
  • He stands with his players in times of trouble, he is known for keeping faith in his players even when they are not performing well and are being criticized, he defends them while he helps them to recover their form. He also stands by his players when they have personal challenges, for example, he stood by Former Arsenal Captain Tony Adams when he was battling with alcoholism
  • He is not a Cheat, Wenger has always been known to be an advocate of fair play, he does not encourage his players to cheat, neither does he employs “dirty tactics” to win Games. He showed a perfect example of his belief in fair play in a match in 1999. “Our own” Kanu Nwankwo’s first match for Arsenal, apparently Kanu was not aware of the unwritten fair play rule, so he failed to return the ball to Sheffield United after the ball had been kicked out to allow their Goalkeeper receive treatment, this led to Arsenal scoring the winning Goal. But immediately after the match Wenger offered that, the goal should be disallowed, and the match should be replayed in the spirit of fair play. Sheffield accepted the offer and Arsenal won the replay without any controversy.