May The Labour of Our Soldiers Never be in Vain

A few weeks ago Nigerians were awakened with the sad news of the death of Lieutenant colonel Muhammad Abu Ali, and some soldiers on the battlefield. Since then, a lot of people have been paying tributes on the pages of Newspapers and on social media.

His death is a huge loss to his family, the Nigerian Army, and the Nation at large. May his soul rest in peace. My heart goes out to his family particularly his very young children and the widow he left behind. May God grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

I find it very sad, that before now, most Nigerians have not been aware of the sacrifices and exploits of our soldiers in the war against Boko Haram.

These men give their all, they sacrifice everything, they risk their lives, and sometimes they bleed.

They are overworked and underpaid, they travel to far and dangerous places, including the dreaded Sambisa Forest.

They fight both Day and Night in dangerous places, they look at Death in the face.

They stay awake while you and I sleep, they fight so we can have peace.

Have you ever tried to imagine how the world will look like if Good men refuse to join the Army?

Who will save us from Terrorist?

Who will save us from Barbarians and Lunatics like Abubakar Shekau?

How will the world look like?

Will you be able to go about your daily business and move about freely?

I think we should all pray for our soldiers frequently.

When we are lying down one our beds in a cool serene environment, we should remember, that at that moment there are soldiers out there in the forest, on the mountains in the wilderness etc.

These soldiers are humans and have a family too just like you and  I.  They are out there moving through land mines grenades, bombs, and IEDs, with bullets flying everywhere. May God bless our Soldiers.



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