Let The Ghost of Biafra Rest in Peace

Almost every Nigerian, particularly those from the southeastern part, knows the country was at one time involved In a #Civil war, a war popularly referred to as the #Biafra war, it was a war in which  the Igbos fought for secession.  they wanted to establish the State of Biafra, a  State that will be separate from the rest of Nigeria, and will have its own sovereignty, but alas the rest of Nigeria fought against them so they had to Renounce  Biafra, and once again became a part of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, that war ended about 42 years ago.

Recently some people have been calling for the Re-establishment of the State of Biafra and it is becoming worrisome that our security Forces  are allegedly killing some of the people who are carrying out this protest in demand for the state of Biafra.

I think it is important to reflect on why we fought the war in the first place: it was because a group of young Army Majors (mostly from the Eastern Region) tried to take over the Government from the politicians who they perceived as “corrupt”. Unfortunately in the process of executing the coup, the two most prominent leaders of the northern region were killed, and some top Military Officers of the northern region.

The North felt bitter because no politician or military officer from the eastern region was killed, they also became paranoid because the new government that was formed consisted of mostly people from the eastern region. So seven months after they carried out their own coup, killing Ironsi who was the head of government.

After taking over the Government, soldiers of Northern origin killed their counterparts who were from the east at the slightest opportunity. Not just that, Igbos were killed in large numbers all over the Northern this was the major reason why the Igbo’s wanted to secede and cried to the world to save them from Genocide. But there were other factors that fueled the war like the clash of Egos between Ojukwu and Gowon and the Plan by the French to take over Nigeria’s oil wells.

Now we all know, “that war” was one of the most Gruesome war in History, over two million people died most of them, women and children. We must do everything possible to avoid a repeat. War will not solve anybody’s problem. We should learn from Sudan, even though they have separated into Sudan and south Sudan, they are still killing each other, today we hear Darfur is fighting to be on their own. Those who think having a country where everyone speaks the same language is the best solution  should take a look at Somali, a country of one tribe, one religion, yet they have been killing each other for God knows how long.

Let us ask ourselves if we have The State of Biafra Today, what will happen to all the huge investments of Igbos in Lagos, Kano and other places in Nigeria

Will we continue to Trade the normal way or will we require visas to cross each other’s border