Damola's Mothers Day

Celebrating our Mothers

Yesterday 06/03/2016 was Mothering Sunday a day set aside for celebrating mothers.

It is normally celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the Lenten season of every year especially in the Anglican Church.

I think it is laudable to celebrate and appreciate our mothers especially those of us who are lucky to still have our mothers with us, for those whose mothers are no more and those who never had the privilege of knowing theirs, I do not intend to make you sad, I believe if you reflect deeply you will find someone who has played the role of a mother in your life so I will like you to join in this celebration and appreciate such persons.

Every human being   came to this world through a mother and every baby needs a mother to survive.

We should also remember that the very first relationship any child will have is with the mother, the child develops a very strong bond with the mother right from the womb even before the child is born and the bond gets stronger when the child is born and is suckling.

I dare to say that the love between a mother and her child is the perfect example of love for even the Bible testifies to this in Isaiah 49:15 where Isaiah was trying to describe Gods love for his people and asked ‘’can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?’’  Though he went further to say that Gods love for his people was much more than that of a mother and her child, the point I want to emphasize is that it was the love between a mother and child that was used as a comparison.

Mothers are also known to stand with their children even in the most difficult of times, for example when Jesus was crucified his mother was there for the Bible in John19:26 says ‘’ When Jesus saw his mother there’’. If we read the whole story we will see that his mother was there throughout his trial and crucifixion.

From my observation, I have seen that mothers are the ones who display unconditional love the most, for example, most people who claim to love only do so because of a particular condition or benefits. A man may love a woman because she is Pretty or well-behaved, if any of this is condition is removed ie if the woman looses her beauty or starts behaving badly the love will wither so also a woman may love  a man because he strong or has money or any other condition and if that condition is removed the love withers. But a mother loves her child just because he is her child no matter the condition one only needs to look very closely to see that a mother’s love is so strong that no matter what the child does the love will still be there.

We should all learn to love like mothers I mean we should learn to love unconditionally let our love come from the inside let it not be dependent on what the other person does or how the person looks or what the person has. May God bless our mothers.