Boko Haram: Not Yet Over

The group, Jamat al suna lida awati al jihad popularly known as Boko Haram has for some years now Terrorized Nigerians and even threatened her sovereignty, it has killed and maimed thousands and also made Thousands into refugees in their own country

The group gained prominence in 2009 when it caused mayhem in the northeastern part of Nigeria the Late Umaru Yar adua who was President at that time used the military to restore law and orde,r and the Leader of the group Mohammed Yusuf was captured by Soldiers and handed over to the Police, Yusuf later died in Police custody and as a result, his followers became very violent killing innocent people  all over  Northern Nigeria.  After President Umaru Yaradua Died and His deputy Goodluck Jonathan Became the  President, matters became worse, the group became  notoriously violent that the

After President Umaru Yaradua Died and His deputy Goodluck Jonathan Became the  President, matters became worse, the group became  notoriously violent that the mere mentioning of its name was enough to cause fear in the minds of Nigerians all over the country, the group carried out so many atrocities; bombing people in churches, motor parks and other public places.

The government at that period did little in fighting the Terrorist Group,  this emboldened the group so they started attacking Police  stations and Prisons carting away weapons and freeing inmates, after some time they started attacking Military barracks too.

By 2014 the group had sized at least 14 local governments in Nigeria and called it its caliphate, the group had also carried out great atrocities such as massacring a whole community, killings of several secondary school boys while they slept in their hostel at Buni yadi and also the kidnap of about 219 Girls from a secondary school in Chibok.

The group began to make threatening statements that it was going to take over the whole of Nigeria’s territory, fortunately, Nigeria was preparing for elections that was to hold in 2015, with this in mind President Goodluck   realized that He had to be alive to his responsibilities as The Commander in Chief

Of the Armed Forces if he was to win the elections, so the government swung into action and was able to recover most of the territories captured by the group, however this was not enough to sway the people to vote for Him; for he lost the election to Muhammadu Buhari, a former military General and one time Head of State who had promised to end Boko Haram if elected into office.

The truth be told the President Muhammadu Buhari has really intensified the fight against Boko haram right from the day he was sworn in, he has moved the headquarters of the command from Abuja to Maiduguri and he has achieved some success, but a lot still needs to be done.

Only a few weeks ago the President was quoted as saying ‘’Boko haram has been technically defeated.”

I dare say that Nigerians did not bargain for Bokoharm to be technically defeated when they voted rather what we clamored for was for the group to be completely defeated and flushed out of the country. The President needs to do more; he needs to put an end to all the violent activities of the group and prosecute and bring to justice all the sponsors of the group.

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